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Herbal Remedy School

  • 40Weeks


You are strongly encouraged to begin in February and take each month's classes through November, however you can enroll and extend through the next year's program for classes missed. This provides you the maximum benefit of seeing the plants throughout 4-seasons in their fullness of bloom and in their dormancy. The course is designed to be taken through the full year. Once a course is successfully completed and paid in full, a student can retake the course at any time without further payment. This course includes the basics of Herbalism and an understanding of how the body works. It allows you to explore on your own. You will experience growing techniques, wild-crafting, research and development, medicine making and other related activities that will help you become a well-rounded, informed, and active herbalist. February ~ Intro to Foraging March ~ Water Extraction - Tea Making April ~ Oil Extraction - Infused Oils & Salves May ~ Alcohol Extraction - Tinctures June ~ Into to Fermentation July ~ Glycerin Extraction - Glycerine's August ~ Distillation September ~ Vinegar Extraction October ~ Honey Extraction November ~ Alcohol Extraction - Cordial

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Herbal School

Herbal School

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