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Nanaya charcoal bath bomb

Nanaya charcoal bath bomb

“Am I brave enough?

Am I strong enough?

To follow the desire

That burns from within

To push away my fear

To stand where I’m afraid 

I am through with this

‘Cause I am more than this”


Nanaya charcoal bath bombs will give us power through the storm, finding beauty within the darkness. It is time to harness your power and rise! 


Ingredients: baking soda, Epsom salt, citric acid, activated charcoal, chamomile oil (evoo), ylang ylang eo, lavender eo, rose, lavender, calendula, hops

Ylang Ylang helps to boost your mood, reduce depression, alleviate anxiety, and decrease the heart rate 

Lavender will bring a calming sense to the body which will help to improve sleep. 


Nanaya is the goddess of personifying voluptuousness, sexuality, and sensuality.

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