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Tantric Breathing

When you start to get aroused, your body turns on more blood flow to your genitals, your nipples harden, your face flushes, and your breath quickens. That's the feeling of sexual energy awaking in your body. A lot of this energy comes from our pelvic area. Reconnecting to it helps us tap into our core sexual desires - and guides us towards what touch, movements, and pressure feel good to us.

A powerful way to connect and exchange sexual energy is through breathwork. Tantric breathwork in particular is not about having an orgasm that lasts all day. It is a way to activate sexual energy between partners, building intimacy, and magnetism.

To try this, sit facing each other, ideally with one partner sitting on the others lap with the legs wrapped around their waist. The base partner is the one with the more masculine energy. They are providing the structure. The partner sitting on top is the one with the feminine energy of receiving. Try switching up who sits on the others lap to invoke different types of sexual energy.

Once you are in position, you can simply look into each others eyes and breathe. After a few minutes, your breath will sync up on its own. The goal with tantric breathing is to breathe deep enough to start to feel sensation in your sex organs. If you stop here, you will feel deeply connected. But to take this a step further begin to move together, shifting your hips from side to side, finding a rhythm together. This activates your sexual energy, with the base partner giving their energy to the receptive partner on top. You will likely be shocked by the sensation of the energy moving between you and how powerful it is.

This is a great practice for any couple that is curious about exchanging sexual energy. It can also be especially helpful for partners who feel that they have lost the spark in their relationship. It only takes a few minutes ad can lead to profound results.

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