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Blackberry Ginger Bourbon Cordial


12 oz fresh blackberries

2 TBSP fresh ginger, cut into large pieces

Juice and zest from one lemon

1 cinnamon stick

1/2 cup sugar

Bourbon to fill jar, about 3 cups


  • Add fresh fruit, citrus, spices, and sugar to a quart sized mason jar.

  • Pour bourbon over all ingredients to fill jar. Tightly screw on lid.

  • Shake jar vigorously to dissolve sugar. Store in cool, dark place for three months or longer. Shake occasionally during the first two weeks to ensure sugar is fully dissolved and to mix ingredients as they break down.

  • When aging is complete, unscrew top and strain contents through cheesecloth (you may need to strain a second time if there is still too much debris in your final product.)

  • Discard the solids and re-bottle liquid. (I prefer mine with some bits still in.)

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