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How to make glycerties

Updated: May 17, 2022

What is it?

Glycerin is a sweet tasting plant fat. It tastes sweet but contains no sugar and is slowly absorbed by the body. Glycerin does not extract resins, fixed oils, or volatile oils well. It has a longer shelf life than water, but shorter than alcohol. It is useful for individuals who do not want to consume alcohol, and the sweet taste appeals to children. You can dilute glycerin with up to 20% water to make it a little les viscous or mix with a little alcohol to boost shelf life and extractive oomph. Botanical medicine prepared with glycerin are called glycerites.

How to make

~Fill a mason jar 1/2 way with dried herb or about 2/3 full of fresh herb. Chop dried herb well before mixing.

~In a separate jar, mix three parts glycerin and 1-part distilled water. Shake to combine.

~ Pour liquid over herbs, completely covering.

~Label with date, ratio of glycerin to water, and herb used.

~Allow to sit in a cool dark, space for at least a month. Flipping the jar to evenly distribute the glycerin.

~Strain with a cheesecloth, making sure to squeeze the herbs, pulling all the medicinal properties from the plant. A rice masher works amazingly well also.

~Label and store in the fridge.

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