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Making Tinctures

Updated: May 22, 2022

Simpler's method*

  • Make sure to cover the herb by an inch (2 fingers) with vodka, wine, brandy, etc. Label your jar with herb, alcohol used, and date.

  • Allow to sit for at least a month.

  • Store in a cool, dry place, shaking often.

  • Strain with a tincture press or cheesecloth.

*Simpler's method of measurement is referred to someone who was observant and relied on intuition and an inner knowing for making preparations." (Gladstar, 2008 p.378)

Ratio Method

  • cut up and weigh plant material.

  • put in a jar and add the appropriate amount of water/alcohol mixture (at your preferred % abv) to achieve desired ratio.

  • *For example: if you have 4 ounces of fresh herb in the jar and want to make a 1:2 ratio, add 8 ounces of menstruum. You can also measure grams: milliliters if you choose. 1:2 is ideal for fresh plant material and 1:5 is common for dried plant material. Folk method often turns out to be 1:5 or more dilute with fresh plant material.

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