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The teacher is always the student

I am no different than you. I just choose to be uncomfortable. I hate it and it drives me insane but living outside of my comfort zone has challenged me in ways that I never would have done in the past.

This has been a strange process coming back into my body after allowing it to heal. I had to remember what it felt like to be in pain. I had to move through it, breathe through it. I found myself wanting to go down a dark path but then the thoughts changed. I thanked myself for feeling what I was, giving me a reminder of where I came from, what shaped me into who I am today. In a perfect world I would come back and everything would be perfect and normal again but I know that isn't how this works, so I take a deep breath and remember how strong I am. I remember every little break down that I had but I also remember the come backs.

Just remember, teachers are still students. We have a story as well and it is so vital that we share them. Show vulnerability within ourselves. I promise you that you will find comfort within being uncomfortable. It just takes practice, as does anything in life.

Being certified is only 10% of the equation being a strong meditator who is tranquil and grounded is the other 90%. That requires practice, practice, practice.

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Rebekah Giard
Rebekah Giard
Mar 31, 2022

I love how honest and vulnerable you are, its very inspiring. And it helps to do the same.

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