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Water Extraction~Working with a recipe written in parts

Updated: May 18, 2022

Let's say that you would like to make 1 pound of tea (16oz) and the recipe calls for:

2 parts burdock root

1 part dandelion root

1 part eleuthero root

0.25 parts calendula

0.5 part nettle

0.5 part licorice

  • You will want to start by finding out how many ounces are in a part.

  • Add up the total number of parts in the recipe.

  • The total for this tea is 5.25 parts.

  • Since we decided 16oz (1LB) of tea, divide 16 by 5.25, giving us 3.047.

  • You may choose to either round up or down. I will round up to 3.05

  • Finally, multiply each part by 3.05.

6.1 ounces burdock root

3.05 ounces dandelion root

3.05 ounces eleuthero root

0.76 ounces calendula

1.53 ounces nettle

1.53 ounces licorice

Here is your new recipes converted from parts to ounces.

Enjoy! Remember that your intuition is better than any recipe ;)


  • Always make sure that your equipment and hands are clean and dry. Even a drop of moisture inside a bowl or pot can cause herbs to spoil.

  • Weigh each herb at a time and place in the mixing bowl.

  • However you choose, you may blend the tea with your bare hands, wooden spoon, or a stainless spoon. Use your intuition when making, keeping a reminder that if rushed, you will create a small cloud of herb dust.

  • If you wish to truly honor the time, energy, and work with growing and processing the herb you will want to store it properly. Store in an air tight jar away from light, moisture, and heat.

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