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21 days to a better you

It only takes 21 days to form a habit.

It seems that we are all stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and quite frankly not ourselves. Doing these tasks for the next 21 days will help you to get back in line.

1) Probiotics~ when we hold onto stress, we hold it within our guts as well. When our gut isn’t functioning properly then neither are the other systems.

2) Meditate~ There are quite a few different ways to meditate, This is a great blog post, explaining the different forms of meditation.

Headspace and Calm are great apps to use. You can also use this meditation.

3) Happy Object~ find an object that makes you smile. Every time you see that object smile while looking at it. *Bonus for making it something you see often!

4) Turn off notifications~ it's ok to put yourself first for an entire day. Everyone else can wait while you enjoy the freedom from instant gratification.

5) Explore nature~ start with a short urban hike and just see the city in a different way. *Bonus points for bringing a friend.

6) Few simple stretches~ Learn how to feel your body again. After we experience trauma, we seldom forget how to feel. Learn to bring that awareness back into the body.

7) Start an electronic detox. Start with a few hours and gradually you will want to go up from there.

8) Practice mindfulness~ allowing ourselves not to focus on the past or future and bringing ourself back within the present moment.

9) Allow yourself to rest by taking a nap, sleeping in or going to bed early.

10) Create a sacred space that you may go to while seeking comfort.

11) Trauma informed yoga~

12) Seek out different kinds of healing techniques. Share your experience, if you'd like.

13) Social media break. Take a break from social media for a day and see how you feel.

14) Practice self-care~ What does self-care look like for you? There is no right or wrong way of doing this.

15) Create a playlist on a day when you are grinning ear to ear. Allow that energy to stay within that playlist so when it’s a gloomy day you have a gently reminder that not every day is like this one.

16) Simple exercise~ wall pushups, extra few laps on the stairs at time…etc.

17) Purge/cleanse space~ get rid of things that weigh you down.

18) Gratitude list~ What are you thankful for?

19) Words of affirmation~ write gentle reminders that will fill your heart with love.

20) Drink more water

21) Smile at a stranger. Learning how to bring back simple human connection while allowing the other person to get out of their head for a second and allow them to be seen.

22) (Bonus) Hug a friend~ Hug with all of the love within your heart. It ony takes 20 seconds for a hug to have medicinal healing benefits.

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