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Corn Silk

Cornsilk can be used to help alleviate symptoms that go along with: bedwetting, cystitis, prostatic, UTI, kidney stones, ghout, and hyperglycemia. It is also a natural source of vitamin k and potassium.

Harvesting Corn silk

  • Simply pull the golden-green strands off the ears, when shucking your corn, and spread them out on a plate or paper towel to dry. Corn silk is best used fresh, or as a second best option - freshly dried.

  • Make sure to use homegrown or organic corn. The silk on conventional corn from the supermarket is likely loaded with pesticides that would be counterintuitive to our goal of increased health.

Tincture making

  • Fill a small jar about 1/4 to 1/4 full of fresh, chopped corn silk. Fill the rest of the har with a high proof alcohol (80% or higher). Cap and let this infuse in a cool, dark place for 4 to 6 weeks shaking occasionally.

  • Strain

  • Mix with honey if you would like it to taste a bit better.

Making a glycerite

  • Using roughly two to three times the amount of glycerin than fresh corn silk, been the two in a mini-food processor until thoroughly macerated.

  • Pour into a jar, cap and store in a cool dark place, shaking daily.

  • After two weeks, remove and strain the glycerite through a fine mesh sieve and/or several layers of a cheesecloth.

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