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Fermented Elderberry Honey

Updated: May 24, 2022

  • Fill jar about half full with elderberries.

  • Slowly pour in honey, covering the berries.

  • Gently put on plastic lid (or metal lid with parchment ment paper over it for protection) and turn jar upside down ensuring that the honey covers the berries.

  • When ready, flip the jar right side up and open the jar lid slightly, allowing the gas bubbles to escape.

During the first week, keep turning the jar, allowing all berries to keep coated. Once the honey starts to get runnier, you will start to see bubbles coming to the surface. You can keep the jar upright from this time frame on. After a week of active bubbling avoid stirring the honey. Half a month later you will be able to strain the elderberries and consume the honey.

Using raw, local honey is always best. I was able to use Heavenly Honey from WildWood Acres!

PLEASE NOTE: elderberries are very toxic unless cooked or strained! Do not consume raw berries!

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