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Fermented Plum Brandy


4 pounds very ripe plums

2 cups of sugar

2 cups of brandy (approximately)


  • Wash and stem the plums. Cut the plums into slices or roughly chop them, whichever is easier.

  • Mix the plum pieces with the sugar coating, each plum slice well with sugar. The sugar will pull juice from the fruit and begin the fermenting process.

  • Place the sugared plum mixture into a wide-mouthed glass jar, filling it to within a few inches of the top. Fill a quart-sized freezer bag with water. Press the bag into the top of the jar to push the fruit below the juice. (If you have a jar for fermenting projects, use that).

  • Keep the fermenting fruit at room temperature for two weeks. In a really active ferment, the juice may spill over the top of the jar. Keeping the jar in a bowl will help to keep this process cleaner.

  • At the end of two weeks, strain out the juice and mix with equal amounts of brandy.

  • Keep this drink in the fridge. It will stay for about a month or longer.

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