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How to make incense sticks

Updated: Apr 14, 2022


2 tsp essential oil of choice

4 tsp Diprophylene glycol

30 unscented incense sticks

Unscented Incense sticks~ Gather pre-preared, unscented sticks.

Dipropylene glycol~ Will help the incense stick to burn properly, while reducing black smoke.

Essential oils~ Choose whichever scents you would enjoy.

Equipment~ rectangular container big enough to fit the incense sticks. I have had to trim a few of the sticks, allowing them to fit.

Cooling rack or the top of the container, anything you may want to use to dry the sticks.


Measure 4tsp diprophylene glycol into the container that is being used to soak the sticks.

Measure 2tsp essential oil into the container.

Stir gently with a toothpick to allow the oils to blend together.

Place your sticks into the container.

Cover with a lid or plastic wrap so that the oils won't evaporate. Place out of sunlight for 24 hours hours, allowing the oils to infuse with the sticks.

After 24 hours, place a glove onto your hand and gently move the sticks to space them out or turn them, allowing the oils to fully cover the sticks.

Leave in the container for about a week or two.

When you are ready to dry the incense, simply take the out of the container and lay width wise on the container. Let me sit on the container for a few days until completely dry. You will tell by the stick getting lighter.

Keep in a separate container or a ziplock bag.


You just made your very own incense.

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