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Kombucha Flavors

There was never a real reason for any of the flavors that I chose. I just went with whatever was in season at the time and added in an herb that I thought may pair well with it. Here is a list of some of the combinations that I have used.

Blackberry Rosemary

Blueberry Sage Mint

Strawberry Mint

Cranberry Chai

Plum Chai

Blackberry Ginger

Raspberry Thyme Blueberry Mint Hops Blueberry Sage Mint Blueberry Cherry Sage

Honey Ginger Thyme Rose Hops Rose Lavender Hibiscus Blueberry Ginger Sage Cherry Chamomile

Blueberry Lime

Lavender Hops Pineapple Cayenne Watermelon Sage

Strawberry Thyme Kombucha

Strawberry Thyme Mango Basil Blueberry Lavender Cherry Chamomile

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