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Stage 1- Kombucha brewing

Updated: May 22, 2022

Follow these simple instructions to make your very own kombucha.

Kombucha brewing has 2 stages: The 1st fermentation and 2nd fermentation process (bottling and flavoring).

Below steps are measurements for the 1 Gallon jar.


· Small pot to boil water

· 1 Gallon glass jar

· Stainless steel spoon for stirring

· Your Scoby and started fluid

· Coffee filter with rubber band

· Airtight bottles for the 2nd fermentation

· 13-14 cups cups of filtered/purified water

· 1 cup cane sugar

· 6-8 black and/or green tea bags. You may also use 3-5 tsp of loose tea.Use a tea ball infuse to ensure no loose tea remains in jar when fermenting.

Before you begin, ensure all jars and brewing equipment are thoroughly cleaned. This is extremely important and will help prevent mold in your kombucha.

1st Fermentation

Step 1

Bring approximately 4 cups of filtered water to a boil and remove from heat. Add 8 bags of tea (or 3-4 tbsp of loose tea) and let steep for 7-10 minutes.

Step 2

While tea is still warm, add sugar & stir until dissolved. Remove tea bags or any loose leaf tea, leaving only sweet tea liquid.

TIP: You can experiment with more or less tea and sugar to your desired taste. You can also try different types of tea and sugar. This will happen the more you get comfortable with the process.

Step 3

Once cooled, pour your sweet tea liquid into the fermenting jar. Fill jar with approximately 8 cups of cool filtered water until jar is 3/4 full. Leave enough space to add your SCOBY and starter liquid after tea cools to room temperature (preferably 70°-78°).

Step 4

Once your sweet tea mix is cool, pour in starter liquid & SCOBY culture.

Important: DO NOT put your SCOBY and starter liquid in hot tea! If tea is too hot, you could kill the SCOBY. Be kind to the SCOBY!

TIP: Your SCOBY may sink to the bottom or float somewhere near the top. Either is fine. Sinking does not mean you have a dead SCOBY. Sometimes the weight of the liquid will push the SCOBY to the bottom. In time, your brew will produce a new pellicle layer on top.

Step 5

Cover the container with a clean cloth or coffee filter and secure with a rubber band. Your kombucha needs to breathe in order to ferment.

And now we wait...

Set aside for 7-9 days (ideally between 70°-78° F or room temperature) until your kombucha has reached your desired taste.

After 7-9 days (newer brews may take over 14 days to ferment), you can start tasting your brew. If too sweet, let ferment longer. The longer it ferments, the more acidic and less sweet it will become.

TIP: Cold temperatures are almost always the cause of mold. Keep your brew warm!

If you are brewing during the winter months, consider using a heat wrap or moving the brew to a warmer part of your home. Warmth will speed the fermentation process as well.

Once you find your optimal taste, your kombucha is ready for bottling!

Flavoring and Bottling Process are on different posts to hopefully break it down easier. We all learn different and I don't want to see someone discouraged or overwhelmed right off the bat. So, let's start out slow and learn to live the process together!

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