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Using Rosemary to calm the nervous system

Updated: May 24, 2022

Have you ever had those days where you feel like the world is heavy and you can just feel things consuming you? Those are the days that I have to remember to breathe a bit deeper. To focus on the present moment. To remind myself that I am safe and this too shall pass.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as grounding myself within the earth, no matter the temperature. Taking deep breaths while I center myself. I never want to touch a plant when I’m mad or sad, same goes for a person. Energy transfers and I only want to share love for the moment. Once I find myself smiling I start to forage. I thank the plant for what it has to offer and honor its help within my healing process. Rosemary is rather sticky which helps to make a rosemary essential oil so fragrant and gives us a beautiful scent, which reminds me to take even deeper breaths.

Rosemary used to help PTSD & ADHD

Rosmarinic acid is mostly responsible for anti-inflammatory and anti oxidative properties and is a natural polyphenol antioxidant found in many Lamiaceae herbs, such as; lemon balm, rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme, and peppermint.

Data supports the use of Rosmarinic acid for treating PTSD inhibited by the blockage of the ERK signaling.

There is a high degree of overlap between ADHD and PTSD including, inattention, impulsivity, restlessness, re-experiencing trauma, hyper vigilance, avoidance of stimuli may cause attention which is the cardinal symptoms of ADHD.

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