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With so many different varientations of yoga, how do you know which to choose?

Updated: May 11, 2022

Vinyasa~movement is coordinated with your breath and movement to flow from one pose to another.

Hatha~ best for beginners, usually paced slower than other yoga styles.

Kundalini~ work your core and breathing with fast moving, invigorating postures and breath exercises. intense chanting, mantra ad meditation

Ashtanga~ very physically demanding sequence of postures, not for beginner.

Bikrom~26 basic postures, each performed twice. Focused on proper alignment. HOT!

Yin~held from 45 seconds to 2 minutes. Relaxed. Can also be a meditative yoga.

Restorative~fewer postures. props are used, blankets, bolsters, eye pillow, sinking deeper into relaxation.

heal trauma survivors because of its positive effect on the nervous system. 5 or 6 poses, combine with deep breathing and stillness, providing an opportunity to feel and tolerate every situation.

Prenatal~pelvic floor work, focus on breathing, and bonding with growing baby. Prepares for labor and delivery. Focus on stability rather than flexibility.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga~ works with individuals affected by psychological trauma. The Goa is to help trauma survivors to develop a greater sense of mind-body connection, to ease their physiological experiences of trauma, and gain a greater sense of ownership over their bodies and to augment their over all well being.

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