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Allowing the words to come out so I may heal

I wanted to formally introduce myself. My name is Hollie and this is my page and I own Rooted Soul Apothecary. When I started this page, it was to build my business, but it turned into so much more for me. It was part of what helped me within my journey. It has grown, shifted, and changed within the last few years- but so have I.

I am a survivor. I have had so much complex PTSD over the course of my life. So much so that I kept telling myself that it had never happened. No one would allow things like that to happen. No one would ever want to see someone endure so much pain. I lost faith in everyone around me as well as myself. I learned how to block out the pain and the images of what happened but in turn I became so disassociated that I had no clue what was even happening around me. I was beyond numb. I lost myself. I didn’t know who I was.

I sure as hell didn’t know it at the time but as I sit here looking back, I see how much 2019 was the catalyst for today’s path. That was the year that I tried to continue with the same old life that I had but life made me uncomfortable.

Words aren’t always the easiest for me since I have spent a lifetime not speaking them, not only holding them back but myself as well but not anymore. This is the start of my story……

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