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Life cycles

At times, I cycle off herbs. It something that I subconsciously do. One day I have no care in the world for them and I kinda just stop. It sucks because of how much I love using them within my life.

Now that I’m back with nourishing my mind/body with herbs that will help me to move through whatever else may be lingering.

I can do yoga, meditation, reiki, and the gym everyday but until I get to the root of whatever I’m holding into, I never will truly heal. Plants help me to get to and release the stuff that other natural remedies may not touch.

Stopping them and coming back to them helps me to be grateful for them once they start to work again. My mind and body feel so different. My thoughts aren’t so loud, my body isn’t so tense or filled with inflammation. I love this part of the spring. Time to wake up the rest of my body from winters slumber, well maybe after this cold front blows away.

For the last 7 months, studying trauma (and how it effects us and how to move and breathe through it) has been intense to say the least. Add in stopping taking herbs on a daily basis and I screwed up my body. The inflammation that is in my body at the moment is painful, sad, angry, and just plain bs. My focus for the next few months is working to get the inflammation from my body.

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